Optilink is a Portuguese tech SME whose core business is the industrial production of components for optical telecoms networks and the design, implementation, certification and maintenance of fiber-optic networks.
Optilink has an advantageous position in the Portuguese market, as it is the only company that offers both highly specialized in-house assembled products and optical network design and certification services.
Based in Pombal — Portugal, Optilink produces a full range of cabling products and other passive components for fiber-optic networks. Products are designed and assembled according to customers’ specific requirements, which may range from type of connector and cable length to racks’ structures.
We deliver the best added value to our customers, through elements such as project overall costs, customization and turnaround times. We are specialists in PON networks, cabling solutions for data centers and fiber-optic network professional services.
With an extensive experience in the domestic market and a steady international expansion to the French and Brazilian markets, Optilink is a reliable partner for all your fiber-optic needs.